Dionne Bryan
Accountant: Works with the Treasurer to oversee the financial administration of the organization.

Growing up in a third world country has opened my eyes to the needs of those around me. At an early age I realized that poverty and the lack of access to quality healthcare is the underlying causes of many deaths worldwide. It is this realization that prompted the birth of Hope For Humanity Worldwide in 2011. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


Dean Bailey
Director of Inventory Control: Manages  the inventory control system including collection and distribution of products.

Christopher Bristol

Director of Community Outreach:Promotes the mission of the organization among the local community.

Kadeen Thomas
Secretary: Manages the records and administrative functions of the organization.

2011- Incorporated in Florida with 3 members.

2012- Served more than 1,200 people on first mission trip to John's Hall Jamaica.

2014 -More than 100 volunteers traveled to Haiti from Florida to provide relief. 

2015 - Partnered with SHUZZ Foundation to ensure children in poverty-stricken areas around the world receive a new pair of shoes.

2016 - Served more than 1,600 adults and children at 5 different clinics in Guyana. 

2017Hope for Humanity Worldwide, Inc. grows to more than 200 volunteers in 5 countries worldwide.

2018 - Traveled to Dominica after hurricane Maria to serve more than 300 adults and children at 3 different clinics.

2019 - Served more than 1,300 adults and children in Xab, Guatemala.

Bruce Hibbert

Fundraising Director: Works closely with the Executive Team and the Board of Directors in all development and  fund raising endeavors.


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